So if you would like to become a sponsor of Beatniks????      
Here’s how…………

Basic          $50 - 100      (gets you a free t-shirt)
Bronze      $101 - 250     (free t-shirt and 2 tic to Beatnik play)
Silver         $251 - 500    (free t-shirt & 4 tic to Beatnik play)
Gold           $501 - 1000  (six tic to Beatnik play)
Diamond  $ 1001 +        (8 tic to Beatnik play)
** tic are for the year of donation only and not for fund raising events**
      All LEVELS Sponsors will be mentioned in Beatnik programs in 2018 plus you will receive our eternal gratitude for your generous support of the ARTs!!  Thank-you! 

Beatniks is located at 420 Conkey St.  Hammond Indiana. 
For reservations of more info call 219-852-0848 or go to 

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