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Beatniks On Conkey

Social Security
A Comedy by Andrew Bergman

Directed by Andrea Creasbaum and Rip Johnson

Friday - Saturday June 23, 29, 30 at 8:00pm
Sunday  June 24 and July1 at 2:00pm

David:         Jeff Peterson
Barbara:     Kali Rasala
Trudy:        Gail Komer
Martin:       Wayne Puchkors
Sophie:       Kay Wagman
Maurice:    Jack Jaros

This is a real, honest to goodness hit Broadway comedy, as in the Good Old Days. Written by one of Hollywood's top comedy screenwriters and directed by the great Mike Nichols, this hilarious comedy starred Marlo Thomas and Ron Silver as a married couple who are art dealers. Their domestic tranquility is shattered upon the arrival of the wife's goody goody nerd of a sister, her uptight CPA husband and her Archetypal Jewish Mother. They are there to try to save their college student daughter from the horrors of living only for sex. The comic sparks really begin to fly when the mother hits it off with the elderly minimalist artist who is the art dealer's best client!

"Just when you were beginning to think you were never going to laugh again on Broadway, along comes Social Security and you realize that it is once more safe to giggle in the streets. Indeed, you can laugh out loud, joyfully, with, as it were, social security, for the play is a hoot, and better yet, a sophisticated, even civilized hoot." - N.Y. Post
Doors open 1/2 before curtain, refreshments are provided
Tickets are $12.00.

Performances are at Beatniks on Conkey, 418 Conkey Street, Hammond

Due to limited seating, reservations are strongly suggested.  Call 219-852-0848

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